Karcher Steam Cleaner

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Simple and effective against bacteria and viruses: hot steam. The powerful steam output, combined with high temperature, powerful nozzles and hot cleaning cloths, ensure that Kärcher steam cleaners can eliminate up to 99.999%* of enveloped viruses such as coronaviruses or influenza viruses, and up to 99.9%** of typical household bacteria on hard surfaces, fixtures and fittings, tiles, mirrors, etc.

  • Hygiene and fibre-deep cleanliness with steam – completely without chemicals, just with tap water
  • Elimination of up to 99.999%* of viruses, and up to 99.9%** of typical household bacteria on smooth hard surfaces
  • Better cleaning performance than with conventional manual cleaning methods with detergent
  • High steam temperature and strong steam generation


Pressure + Speed + Temperature = Ultimate Clean

The secret of steam cleaning lies in the powerful combination of pressure, speed and temperature. Microscopic steam particles force their way into even the tiniest areas to thoroughly loosen dirt particles.

Our steam cleaners do not use any chemicals – they use only tap water. This provides a safe environment for small children in particular, who like to put things in their mouths. Allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief. 

If used properly, Kärcher steam cleaners like the SC 3 can remove up to 99.999%* of enveloped viruses, such as the coronavirus or influenza, and up to 99.9%** of common household bacteria from hard surfaces.

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