Raycop Vacuum

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The LITE is our entry-level allergen vacuum.

Suction, pulsating pads and UV light in RayClean Technology®, plus clean air exhaust and a washable dust box make up the essentials of an effective allergen vacuum. The compact and simple RAYCOP LITE allows anyone to easily operate and experience the benefits that RAYCOP offers.


Compact and affordable. LITE gives everyone the ability to remove allergens from fabric surfaces.

RAYCOP LITE was developed to appeal to people that want to experience the benefits of RAYCOP but don’t need all the bells and whistles. LITE provides allergen cleaning at a lighter weight, compact design and a great price. Anyone can easily pick up the LITE and start using it effectively. The LITE allows you to fully benefit from RayClean Technology® to remove allergens, bacteria and viruses from the fabrics throughout your home.

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